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NC NATSCI Wedding, Raleigh NC:Megan, David, and That Dinosaur celebrate a kiss after a fun and creative wedding in the NC Natural Science Musuem, catered by Rocky Top Hospitality

David and Megan were married in the SECU’s Daily Planet permanent exhibit on May, 22nd at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Megan’s bold purple and green colors blended well with the colorful exhibits of the museum, and planetarium style projections of the galaxies gave a romantic dancing under the stars feel to the dance floor for the wedding guests to enjoy. This museum exhibit was a really fun place for a wedding!

Not your average run of the mill bride, Megan chose for herself and her bridesmaids to carry beautiful rice paper fans rather than floral bouquets. It was something unique that I’ve never seen done in person and thought it was a lovely alternative to flowers! For her centerpieces Megan carefully crafted paper flowers from book pages. Megan’s centerpieces were made with pages from her and David’s all time favorite novels (naturally).

Rocky Top Hospitality had the museum smelling incredible all night and catered the event featuring delicious items like steak churrasco, blue cheese mashed potatoes, and creamy mac & cheese. Megan and David served a dinosaur adorned cake on a table surrounded by all different types of other desserts. This is definitely my favorite new trend that everyone seems to be embracing lately; dessert tables.

After the ceremony and dinner Ryan and I managed to snag Megan & David again to sneak off for one more round of pictures. We had a hilarious fantasy photo session on the rooftop just as the last bit of light slipped away, after which we had tons of fun running from one side of the museum to the other, just to take pictures under the dinosaurs.